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Ravi Surya Group is one of the top real estate developers in Jaipur and is dedicated to provide opulent residential houses by achieving the aspirations of the top-notch elite along with the assiduous and enterprising middle class. With enormous energy and desire to shape dreams into reality with unique creativity, the team comprises a group of astute professionals such as Architects, Landscape Designers, who have the zeal to innovate and take perfection to the next higher level. The commitment to quality construction inspires to source the best material and input of highly qualified engineers and workforce to build beautiful and spacious homes with all the modern facilities at landmark locations. Moreover, completing projects within a stipulated time frame and at maintaining the quality at the same time is the unique ability that distinguishes Ravi Surya Group from other real estate developers. Some of the prominent projects by the group include the Ananta Resort and Spa, Bombay Heights, Greater Sitapura- Industrial, Surya Residency, and many more.

Ravi Surya Group

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You’re reclining under a white canopy, protected from the bustle of the of the city. The sound of birds chirping enhances the occasional rustle of leaves and the quiet murmur of water. Mind and body at peace, you open your eyes. As your spirit lifts at the sight of Nature in all her abundance, you savor the joy of knowing that this expanse of lush green is yours to have whenever you choose. Because you are not in a remote resort or forest sanctuary. You are in Ananta Spa & Resort, your private retreat, your personal paradise, your home.


Giving entirely awesome

Adventure Club

Tastefully paved side walkway with lush greenery and open space makes it an idle adventure place

World Class Spa

International standard spa refreshes you and makes you feel recharged for days with Yoga & Naturopathy

Nature Therapy

Authentic natural & ayurvedic treatments for your mind, body, and soul benefits life to a great extent

Lavish Banquet

Idle for Wedding Functions, Corporate Events, Seminars, Get-Togethers, Photo-Shoots, and Fashion Shows

For Villa Buyers

An Insight into the Splendor Sight

  • Benefits
  • Special Privileges
  • Jackpot Benefits
  • Buyer will get the ownership through sale deed and perpetual lease deed.
  • Buyer will be part of the revenue generated by Resort on Room Rent, F&B, SPA, Events, and all other activities.
  • Buyer will get 20 complimentary night vouchers every year which are transferable.
  • Buyer will get complimentary breakfast, 40% discount on food (up to 10 people), 20% discount on beverages, all other services in Ananta Jaipur, 20% discount on F&B at Ananta Udaipur & Pushkar
  • Buyer & their family members will get one complimentary service of Spa/ Nature Therapy with each voucher of complimentary night stay & 20% discount on such services thereafter.
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Earn Smart Returns by Investing in Ananta Resort

Ananta-Jaipur categorizes its Villas into four categories which offer the best investment opportunities to the investors and at the same time provides a higher Return on Investment (ROI). From Deluxe Rooms to Presidential Villas with a private plunge pool, the study-room all are well-equipped and well-designed. With the best of the amenities and luxurious layout plans, you just spell your class and flavor and you will find here the most profitable investment options.

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